1. What is managed print services?

Managed Print Services definition is broad but the end result should provide visibility and control of your printing, save money, reduce your environmental footprint and support your move from paper to digital workflows.

2. What does Managed Print Service cost?

Managed Print Services will vary depending on your printing needs but you should expect your costs to be reduced by as much as 30%.

3. What are the benefits of MPS solution?

An MPS solution should be considered as an “Out Sourcing” of your printing, providing known cost structure, detailed reporting, proactive service and consumables delivery that will enable you to be more productive.

4. How big do we need to be to consider a managed print solution?

There is no minimum size to see the benefits of an MPS solution, from 1 device to thousands, all companies can benefit from an MPS solution.

5. What is a TCO? (Total cost of ownership)

Total Cost of Ownership allows you to understand the cost of the device over its life. It should include the purchase cost, cost of toner and supplies, paper, power, and all support components including repair cost, parts, maintenance and help desk and IT support.

6. Can an MPS solution help me determine how to best use printer technology at my business?

A quality MPS solution should provide a print strategy that enables the latest technology to increase productivity and secure your print environment. It should include all you printing, fax, copy and scanning devices.

7. Why does a print strategy matter to my organization?

Having a print strategy is critical to reducing your environmental footprint, reducing waste, helping to identify and understand how work gets down, managing the workflow, removing waste and non-value add processes and provide the facts and data needed to improve decisions.

8. What does a managed print environment support our “Going Green” initiative?

An MPS solution provides the data needed to make the correct decisions to allow you to eliminate wasteful devices, improve recycling, and reduce paper usage as a part of your “Go Green” strategy.

9. What is the assessment and how long does it take?

The initial assessment provides an inventory of the devices at your site and the time to complete it will vary based on the number of devices and if they are network connected. For most sites the time to complete the initial assessment will be less than 4 hours. More in depth assessments will be performed during the MPS program with a goal of continual improvement on costs, environmental footprint and workflow.

10. How do I request service for a supported printer?

Service can be requested by emailing our service desk which automatically creates a service ticket in our system, you can also call our office, fax a request or we can create a web portal for you to create, view and update your tickets.

11. How do I order toner and/or repair kits for supported printer?

Consumables can be ordered on the web portal, by email to the service desk, by calling the office or by auto fulfillment where the consumable is delivered due to an alert from the device.

12. How will I be billed?

We have 2 basic ways the MPS program is billed, either “Cost Per Page” on a monthly basis or by toner cartridge with a monthly or semimonthly invoice.

13. Does my equipment have to be networked to be on the MPS program?

Your equipment does not have to be connected to the network to be on an MPS program.

14. What criteria are used to determine the department equipment needs?

There are a number of factors that are used to determine the equipment needs for a department including number of pages printed per month, workflow needs, space available, functionality and the number of users.

15. What is the different between MPS and MSP program?

MPS is the “Managed Print Services” and supports your printing, providing consumables, support, service and reporting to manage all things print related. MSP is the “Managed Service Provider” program that provides IT services including monitoring, patching, anti-virus, security, networking and backup support.

16. Who do I contact for IT questions?

You can contact anyone in our support department via email or by calling our office.

17. Who do I contact for addition questions?

Please contact an Account Manager with any additional questions; they can also help escalate any support questions.

18. What makes R&D Computers Managed print service program (MPS) unique?

Our MPS program does not require you to purchase new or additional equipment to achieve a 30% savings and it does not require a long term contract that is difficult to get out of if you are not satisfied. We built our MPS program around service and workflow improvement so you can get the benefits without additional investment or long term commitments.