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A fairly universal experience of office workers is the dreaded feeling you
get when you can't find a file. Whether it's a word processing document, an
image, scanned data, or a different type of digital file, odds are that
you've experienced the time-consuming and aggravating task of not being able
to find the data you're looking for in your business' shared network. Panic
and, ultimately, frustration set in as you have to pull coworkers away from
their tasks to help locate the file-or worse-you begin to recreate it.

January 25, 2015 - R&D Computers, Inc. is now an authorized reseller of Xerox Imaging products that include the A3 (11” X 17”) Multi-function units and the Xerox Phaser line of laser printers. Xerox is raising the bar in the print industry with a new line of equipment that features improved reliability and maintainability.

May 13, 2015  - R&D Computers now offers DELL CloudRunner products

Since founding in 1992, R &D has evolved from a maintenance/repair organization of proprietary computer systems into a leading systems integrator and managed services provider. This broad background and experience has given R & D the unique ability to apply meaninfgul product and engineering advances to customer problems, and opposed to selling short-sighted solutions just for the sake for new technology.