Managed Print Services for

Reduce costs. Increase efficiency. Focus on mission critical. 

Whether your Healthcare organization is seeking new ways to save time and reduce costs, the challenge is finding the resources to support your organization.  Administrators are forced into making spending cuts to reduce budget gaps. We have a solution that can save you big—Managed Print Services.

Managed Print Services (MPS) provides an effective solution to control print costs in the healthcare field, improving document workflow and simplify printing processes.

Healthcare is very paper ­intensive. However, many employees tend to click "print" whether they really need a hard copy document or not—which puts a strain on your budget, supplies, consumables, and increasing cost per page. By implementing an  MPS strategy, you will reduce waste by streamlining printing across an entire organization.  This is done through print tracking and monitoring tools.  In addition, you will lower total printing costs in the process. This allows your staff more time to focus on things that are more important like patient care. I reduces the obligations associated with print ­related tasks—like ordering supplies, repairing devices, or installing new equipment. 

Benifits of MPS for Healthcare:

  • Allow your valuable IT staff to focus on mission critical initiatives
  • You can save up to 30% on print related costs
  • Reduce operating costs by implementing printing controls
  • Manage print devices throughout your entire organization remotely

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Your copiers and printers contain hard drives that capture and store protected health information. Remnant data can leave your healthcare facility vulnerable to unforeseen security threats from both inside and outside your organization.

Neglecting your copiers, printers, and other imaging devices when implementing HIPAA privacy and security measures can result costly mistakes. You can eliminate these risks by partnering with a solutions provider like R and D Computers. We understand how important it is to protect your patients' sensitive information.

Working with a trusted MPS provider, will ensure all the necessary steps are taken to secure all of your imaging devices. It is important all devices connected to your network incorporate the latest security features to prevent security breaches.

More and more hospitals and healthcare facilities are switching to MPS to help ease the burden of maintaining your printer fleet. Reducing administrative costs low, so your IT staff can focus on what matters -- taking better care of your hospital staff and your patients.