A History of Excellence

R&D Computers, Inc. has been in business since 1993 providing businesses across the Southeast and the United States with Technology Solutions. We began as a reseller of Server and Storage Products, then later expanded our product offerings which include printers, copiers and managed services to help better serve clientele with keeping pace with advancements in technology. We strive for a partnership with our customers by communicating and understanding what their work environment is to create a workflow for that specific company because one way isn’t always right for the next person. This starts with speaking to an actual person when calling into our office during business hours or a quick turnaround in returning your call, followed by receiving technical knowledge or an onsite visit with our qualified technicians to inspect any equipment, or if needing more internal data knowledge we have our system engineers who are able to provide support for issues that occur.

R&D Computers, Inc. is qualified for this project because not only have we been in business for over 25 years but have been able to retain customers because we routinely meet and exceed expectations. We understand that each customer is different but are all looking for one common thing which is knowledge in the equipment they own or buy. We will make sure from start to finish that each step is what our customer needs and to create a trusting partnership. Our goal is simple, to help you achieve yours!